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Mar 08 2016

   We specialize in international cargo transportation done by our own refrigerated trucks, dry vans and tractor trailers. With over twenty years of expertise under its belt, the company has significantly expanded the geography of its operations. We deliver cargo to various destinations, with the current focus being on the routes linking the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our fleet consists of:

  • Modern Volvo trucks (Euro-5 and Euro-6 categories; produced in 2010 – 2016);

  • Standard Schmitz refrigerated trailers (GDP/Pharma/-certified; 86m3; 33 Euro-pallets);

  • Schmitz doppelstock refrigerated trailers (GDP-certified; 66 Euro-pallets);

  • Standard Schmitz tractor trailers (92m3; 33 Euro-pallets).

      All our trucks are equipped with a GPS navigation system, which ensures reliable 24/7 on-line vehicle and cargo control. Our trucks undergo regular maintenance and we aim to update and modernize our fleet as often as we possibly can: these two factors allow for the high level of services provided. Our own certified service center (located on the company’s grounds) makes it possible to ensure fault-free operation and continuous diagnostics of our trucks before, during and after the cargo delivery.

We transport:

  •  food products (including perishable and high-risk foodstuff);medicines (pharmaceuticals);
  • chemicals (cleaning agents);;
  • cosmetics;
  • goods that require special temperature regime;
  • all kinds of cargo transported by dry vans (92m3).


We are open to suggestions and looking forward to mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation!